Al Gore: Trains Climate Leaders

Al Gore: Trains Climate Leaders

Got to give it to A.G. he doesn’t quit.  I’m not sure I could have withstood the lack of interest shown by our government back in 1976.  Al Gore as an alarmed freshman congressman took the scientific data to congressional hearings.  He states himself that he couldn’t believe the lack of concern.  Gee A.G. as a person living in these United States I can believe it.  Calling out our government to stand for what is right and just against major profits in major corporations happens all the time.  Of course A. G. is much wiser now.  He is no longer surprised nor is he inclined to give up the fight to protect this planet.

This past week I and my environmentally conscious hubby joined 1498 people from 37 countries and 50 states to learn how to best stand with our past V.P. to fight the deniers. (Incidentally people keep asking us if V.P. Al Gore was there.  He was and he personally provided the training on the entire day two of sessions.)Yes, there are still deniers out there and that is not surprising. A few years ago tobacco moguls told bold faced lies to congress about the addictive nature of cigarettes and swore that cigarettes did not harm health.  They hired pseudo-scientist to proclaim that the science pointing to the harmful effects was fuzzy.  You see for a large majority of the population establishing fact is not the issue.  You just have to spread doubt. We all know how well that campaign worked.  Hundreds, no thousands of people have died and continue to do so from the effects of cigarette smoke.  The tobacco industry now shamefacedly admits to manipulating the bioavailability of nicotine knowing the compound is addictive and harmful.   The fossil fuel sector is following the same playbook.  It worked before and it’s been working now.

Here is a basic denier argument:

Climate change is not happening. 

The base of this argument is that the climate of the planet has always vacillated from cold to warm. TRUE BUT not at the rate that it is happening now. Scientific America published an article May 24, 2013 stating that the earth is warming faster than in the past 11,000 years.  Since the 1990’s the warming has slowed somewhat.  Thank whatever deity in which you believe. What caused the slowdown?  Speculations abound but one reason may be efforts made to abolish chlorofluorocarbons which destroy the ozone layer. The Montréal Protocol totally abolished CFC in the end of 1995. In 1996 control on total amount of HCFC (Hydrochloroflurocarbon) started, and development for alternative technology at the aim of full abolishment in the early stage took place globally.   Slowdown is great but the consensus is that we are still in a boat load of trouble. (I restrained myself from saying we are in hot water).  CO2 and Temperature

Fact is CO2 increase correlates with temperature increase.  We have more CO2 now than ever before.  Deny if you must but it’s a fact and scientist can prove it.  Take a look at this graph.

I can hear the groans.  How do they, the scientist, know the levels of CO2 from 800,000 years ago?  The answer is ice coring.  Ice can be read like the rings of a tree. 

CO2 levels are increasing and increasing faster and to higher levels than ever recorded.  Scientists have incontrovertibly connected CO2 increase to temperature increase.

Even Republican deniers are changing course.  If you don’t believe me read this.

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