OMG(reen)! or Americans Oh More Greedy

Who: I’m a new kid on the blogger block.

What:  One of the requirements of blogging it seems, is to find categories in which to place your words of wisdom.  I thought how tough could that be?  So I checked out the available categories on ChicagoNow.   I want to make sure I get this right. OMG I don’t know where I belong.

Let’s start with advice.  I’ve got lots of advice on subjects from cooking to social justice.  That can’t be where I belong.

It was real easy to dismiss the sports categories, even though I love football.  I don’t feel qualified to blog about it.

Now the following categories struck me as good possibilities.  City Life!  I think I’ve found my spot.  I’m writing about the Bronzeville Community but that isn’t quite broad enough.  I’m really focusing on questions, problems and issues that reach way beyond the borders of my little piece of the planet.  I’m into sustainable communities, environmental concerns, local economics, and triple bottom line companies to site just a few.

All things Sustainable I located in the House and Garden section.

Where: Well it really isn’t surprising that this wonderful blog site does not have a category of ALL THINGS SUSTAINABLE OR CHICAGO ENVIRONMENT. It’s not the fault of the
blog site.  It totally has to do with Americans. WE don’t give a hoot!

In the 2010 June issue of the Consumerist, Mark Perton filed a report entitled Americans Trash The Environment And Don’t CareThe National Geographic Greendex survey of
sustainable consumption spelled out the sad facts. Americans have made some improvements in areas like energy efficiency, and we’re doing a better job at recycling old electronics and buying refurbished products.  Americans express less concern about environmental problems, and increasingly consider the seriousness of environmental issues to be exaggerated (31 percent, up from 25 percent). In particular, Americans are less worried than most about climate change or global warming (45 percent versus the 17-country average of 64 percent), water pollution (54 percent versus 66 percent on average), and loss of species and habitat (48 percent versus 59 percent on average).

According to National Geographic Greendex, 26 percent of us versus 39 percent on average in the rest of the civilized world don’t think environmental problems impact our health.
If you ask someone with a family history of asthma, they might disagree.


Things aren’t much better this year.  This March Gallup found the widest margin in nearly 30 years in Americans’ prioritizing economic growth (54%) over environmental
protection (36%).  In the 2000 environment poll, Americans overall favored the environment over the economy by a better than 2-to-1 margin (67% to 28%). At that time, all major demographic and attitudinal subgroups were strongly pro-environment. Now, all have moved dramatically toward a pro-economy position.  There was a slight blip in response to Katrina and the Japan meltdown.

No surprise here that the biggest shift away from the environment is in the right wingers. In fact, during a wonderful conference hosted by BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies) this spring, Naomi Klein, the author of The Shock Doctrine, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism shared a little secret with the audience.  She’s been attending right wing functions.  You gotta know what the opposition is up to.  The non-environmental, no such thing as peak oil, there is no global warming and if the earth is in trouble our grandchildren can deal with it group call us, the concerned WATERMELONS!  That means we’re green on the outside but red (commies) on the inside.  Wow!

So if you are concerned about the sustainability of the earth, you’re non-American.  Remember Ronnie Reagan took the solar panels off the roof of the White House.  As of June 2011, President Obama has not kept his promise to reinstall them.

Why: After all he is the President of the Americans so why should he?

How: At the end of this blog I can only say it beats me as to how we Americans can be so blind and how the hell are we going to change?

I will gladly entertain suggestions.


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