blah blah blah.....that's what one often thinks about when they read bloggers' bios. However, I feel it may be helpful for users to know a bit of my background and why I felt it important to maintain a blog that regularly featured 'positive stories'.

After earning my undergraduate degree in Journalism from Colorado State University, I returned to Chicago to begin my exciting career. However, as many grads experience, finding a job is not so easy and, even when you do 'land' that position often times you still can't afford to live independent of one's parents.

I feel that I more than paid dues looking for work. Humbling, I often felt as if all my dreams were an illusion. This then colored my view of the world to the degree where everything I saw had a slightly grayed tinge around the edges. I had to struggle really hard to turn my world around whereby I saw the positive side of things rather than the negative.

While I may still not be the person who always sees the glass as half full versus half empty, I have acquired a filter that allows me to look passed all the doom and gloom in contemporary society and identify the truly inspiring and wondrous things that are taking place right around me and around all of you. Doubters may say this sounds like 'poppycock' or something not quite so nice. But, in all truthfulness, if you take a moment to take stock of your world, you are more often than not bound to see some good stuff taking place.

Hence, in a city known for its dark side filled with violence, political infighting and corruption and jockeying for worldwide recognition, 'The Bright Side of Chicago' blog will serve to help shine a spotlight on pure good versus pure evil. Pure-minded gestures of compassion and acts of heroism; people championing fear and adversity to make strides for the betterment of humankind; and folks doing good deeds that inspire the kindness of others--these are the types of subjects I will blog on as they make me more hopeful for the future and appreciative of the life that I have.

Got positive stories, send 'em my way. Happy to blog about anything that has the possibility to shine the light on the 'Bright Side of Chicago' and the good heartedness that (whether we believe it or not) is inherently human.