Your Intellectual Property

One topic that should be on our radar as it relates to online posts and digital content in general (information shared by you anywhere), once this information is put out its out! I am going say it point blank, if you are sharing it don’t get upset or uncomfortable when others come along and “run”... Read more »

What's on your mind? Here's what's on mine...

For some reason this holiday season feels a little different. It all started for me with Black Friday, hearing the reports of the malls and shops having way more empty stores and early morning shopping adventurists! It was reported by the news media that this was the first time in quite some time that business... Read more »




Join us September 30th, 2017 at Venue One, 219 N. Paulina street, Chicago IL 60612. Enjoy Software Demos, Hands-on tutorials, Technology and Business Discussions, Virtual Reality experiences, The latest in Media technology, Local Game developers, Robotics Teams and more! Main Event 9a – 4pm (Free) VIP VISIONARIES EXPERIENCE 5pm – 9pm | 21+ | $50 CREATIVE TECH EXPO... Read more »

Resilience is a MINDSET....

Believe It or Not!

Believe it or not, branding animals is still something that is done in this day and age. Now, the use of microchips and identification numbers exist to achieve this end. Because there’s nothing new under the sun, we use the same concept or connector in our world today to identify a brand for a person... Read more »

It's No Longer Private Information ~ !

One topic that has been on my radar lately as it relates to social media in general is the information that is put out. I am going say it point blank,  if you are sharing it don’t get upset or uncomfortable when others may come along and “run” with the information you’ve released to the... Read more »

i believe....

Sometimes we just need to stop and reflect as we are on the road to our goals and dreams. Sometimes it’s not about making the network event, its about sitting still and knowing that if you’ve gotten to this point in your life, career, and business…you will get to your desired destination in time, if... Read more »

Post with a Purpose: Platform Building

How many times have you been on social media and had the thought, “What in the world were they thinking?!!?” Yes, it is very common to run into content, whether personal or professional that leave us with questions (that is already a red flag!). It is so important to post with a purpose. So what... Read more »

Happy Memorial Day 2017!!!