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Eleven Memorable Time Travel Movies

A terrific film featuring great acting from not just Bruce Willis, but an up and coming star named Brad Pitt.  In a future world where humans have to live underground, a prisoner, James Cole (Willis) is sent back from 2035 to 1996 to try and gather information as to what role the "Army of the 12 Monkeys" had in the epidemic that wiped out 99% of the population.  The process isn't perfect and he arrives six years early where he is placed in a mental hospital.  When he vanishes, the attending psychiatrist becomes obsessed with the case.  Also starring Madeline Stowe and Christopher Plummer.  A must see.
Our own David Schuster may have given Source Code two and a half stars, but it racked up an impressive 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  So I plan to go ahead an see it tonight. In the meantime, I decided to peruse the Internet and see what other time travel movies are among the most... Read more »

Movie Review - Source Code

by David Schuster “Source Code” is a mix between science fiction and a thriller with an interesting concept of potentially changing events. Jake Gylenhaal continues his winning formula with another successful role that has you guessing from start to finish as to how this movie unfolds. Gylenhaal has really blossomed as an actor and has been... Read more »

Eleven Memorable Movie Aliens

With the release of the movie “Paul” starring the voice of Seth Rogen, it seemed only natural to look at some of the more memorable movie aliens of the last few decades.  In its second week of release, it has now grossed over $24 million. We go back to 1950’s  for  “The Day The Earth... Read more »

Video of the Day - The Thing (1982)

It is taking too long to work on the next top eleven list. It will appear tomorrow.  Instead, I give you the trailer to John Carpenter’s 1982 movie “The Thing.”  A pre-quel to this film will arrive in theaters in October. Carpenter’s cult classic is itself a remake of a 1951 horror flick.

Movie Review - "Limitless" with Bradley Cooper

Movie Review - "Limitless" with Bradley Cooper
by David Schuster DeNiro and Cooper The movie “Limitless” in a word is limiting. Such a good premise, but as the movie unfolds it gets more and more ridiculous. This movie would have been good in the format of the old sixty minute version of “The Twilight Zone.” Quick side note here….Rod Serling lived next... Read more »

Unbelie-V-able: a "V" blog

Last night’s series finale was a real grabber.  It’s too bad the writers waited until the last four weeks to inject some real drama into our favorite space alien soap opera. Cusak and Louiso in “High Fidelity” But before that, a quickie on “Off The Map” since there was no “Paradise Found” this week.  Last... Read more »

Movie Review - Battle Los Angeles

by David Schuster I don’t usually get to the initial showings of a movie but I had a chance to do so with “Battle: Los Angeles”. Not so surprisingly (especially with all the pre-release hype) the theater was relatively packed even though it was early in the day. And no doubt it will win the... Read more »

Unbelie-V-able: a "V" blog

The mother of the V-human hybrid baby.  She was Ryan's girlfriend, and died in childbirth at the hands of the V's.  DECEASED
As our favorite punching bag is headed towards its season finale next week, the action has been raised a few notches, as the credibility gap has edged down some more. Marcus (the former number two) who has recovered from being shot.  It’s amazing, how the not so minor characters appear to be killed off, only... Read more »

Unbelie-V-able - a "V" blog

The five musketeers really had me thinking they had a chance to take out the evil “V” queen Anna last night.  Of course, the attempt failed, but pointed out how nonsensical the writers of this show are.  Are you really going to have me believe that 1) you would provide security for a high value... Read more »

Book Report - "House of Suns" by Alistair Reynolds

Book Report - "House of Suns" by Alistair Reynolds
Star Trek – The Original Series traveled at warp speeds in all improbability. I just finished a fairly new sci-fi book.  When I think back to the older science fiction I read by some of the greatest names in the genre, it’s amazing to think about how the written perception of the future has evolved... Read more »
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