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Song Of The Day - "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" by Donny Osmond

by Eric Berman Song Of The Day – “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” from “Mulan” by Donny Osmond When you have kids, you find yourself watching films over and over again and we spent lots of time as a family in front of this one.  It is one of Disney’s better films and... Read more »

Song Of The Day - "Two Ladies" by Joel Grey from "Cabaret"

by Eric Berman Song Of the Day – “Two Ladies” by Joel Grey A song about the power of three from the 1972 film version of the musical “Cabaret.” The film starred Liza Minnelli, Michael York and Joel Grey and was directed by Bob Fosse with music by John Kander and lyrics by Fred Ebb.... Read more »

Song Of The Day - "Luck Be A Lady" by Marlon Brando

by Eric Berman Song Of The Day – “Luck Be A Lady” by Marlon Brando from the film version of the musical “Guys And Dolls” One of composer/lyricist Frank Loesser’s most enduring songs…and who knew that Marlon Brando could sing! During production, this film was considered to be totally miscast.  Smooth voiced Frank Sinatra’s Nathan Detroit was considered too... Read more »

Songs Of The Day - Go Bears! Go Jets!

By Eric Berman Song Of The Day – “The Bare Necessities” from the Disney film “Jungle Book” Performed by Phil Harris as Baloo and written by Terry Gilkyson – Or is that “The BEAR Necessities” Go Bears!   Song Of The Day – “Bennie And The Jets” by Elton John from the album “Goodbye Yellow... Read more »

Song Of The Day - "Circle Sky" by The Monkees

Song Of the Day – “Circle Sky” by The Monkees from the film and LP “Head” Right from the beginning, it was always the intention of The Monkees’ handlers for them to make the jump from the small screen to the big screen. However, by 1968 when the film “Head” was made, The Monkees’ TV... Read more »

Song Of The Day - "People Like Us" by John Goodman

Song Of The Day – “People Like Us” by John Goodman from the film “True Stories” Actor John Goodman shows off his singing chops on this Talking Heads song from the film “True Stories.”  Talking Heads recorded their own version of the song with David Byrne on vocals from the album “True Stories.”  It always... Read more »

Song Of The Day - "Tevye's Dream" from "Fiddler On The Roof"

Song Of The Day – “Tevye’s Dream” from original soundtrack recording of “Fiddler On The Roof” Today’s song of the day is in tribute to composer Jerry Bock who passed away yesterday at the age of 81. “Fiddler” is one of the longest running and best-loved musicals ever. The story was based on “Tevye And... Read more »

Song Of The Day - "Theme from Shaft" by Isaac Hayes

Song Of The Day – “Theme From Shaft” by Isaac Hayes Nobody dresses up as John Shaft for Halloween.  Now that would be one badass costume…just like this is one badass track! Call him “Shaft”…call him “Black Moses”…call him “Chef”…but one thing is for sure, he was responsible for some of the funkiest and smoothest... Read more »

Song Of The Day - "This Is Halloween" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Song Of The Day – “This Is Halloween” from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” film soundtrack.  Danny Elfman was a founding member of Los Angeles New Wave band Oingo Boingo. While Oingo Boingo made some solid albums during their day, it was Elfman’s soundtracking work that really made a name for him including this Halloween gem... Read more »