Movie Review - The Sitter

Movie Review - The Sitter
Jonah Hill in "The Sitter"

The first thought that came across me when I saw Jonah Hill on the screen in The Sitter” was where did his loss of weight go? I had just seen him a few months ago in “Moneyball” and in that flick he had shed over fifty pounds. Not so in this movie so it must have been filmed before “Moneyball” because Hill looked like the old White Sox pitcher, Terry Forester who was once referred to by David Letterman as “A big tub of goo.”

But back to “The Sitter,” and I guess you could also call this flick a big tub of (something) also. Yet another comedy that, amazingly,  isn’t the least bit funny.

Hill plays a good-for-nothing, live at home guy who volunteers to babysit for friends of his Mom one night. Of course the three kids are holy terrors all in their own right and Hill has to deal with them.

The story then moves from inside the household to out on the streets, where Hill is invited to a party by a girl he has the hots for. Along the way he runs into a drug dealer, a pimp, prostitutes and even breaks into a jewelry store and steals a car. All with the three little monsters in tow. One kid is an adopted tyke from South America, who is like a mini Hugo Chavez, who has a tendency to pee on the floor and blow up things. Another is a dressed up little guy who has psychological issues, and the third is a 10 year-old girl who thinks and acts like Lady Gaga.

None of them are particularly interesting or funny, and neither is Sam Rockwell who is front and center as the pimp who is after Hill for accidentally stealing some of his stash.

Of course there is sort of a love interest for Hill that comes out of left field as the movie progresses, and at to be honest at that point I was looking at my watch to see when this dreck was going to end.

I also was monitoring my Twitter account to see when Rip Hamilton would sign with the Bulls. They say that Hamilton has very little left in the tank as a player. And I’m here to tell you that “The Sitter” never had anything in the tank to begin with. My rating – a popout in foul ground – just a half star.  


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