Eleven Of The Greatest Broadcast Announcers Of All Time

With the admission of Ron Santo to the hall of Fame, as a player, not a broadcaster, I thought it might be a good time to run this again.

I’m one of those people that despite being on a weekly radio show, was not blessed with that kind of deep, throaty voice, nor much in the way of delivery.  I know people with good voices, but get them in front of a microphone and they can’t bring it.  This fellow sure did.  It got me thinking (always a dangerous thing,) about some of the great voices I’ve heard on radio and television.

They run the spectrum from old time announcers and personalities such as Orson Welles and Edward R. Murrow, to some of the game show announcers like Don Pardo, Jay Stewart (Let’s Make A Deal,) Johnny Gilbert ($25,000 Pyramid) and of course Johnny Olson from The Price Is Right.  Great DJ’s were also part of the landscape of the 60’s and 70’s.

Sports announcers are some of the best known, and maybe you’ve had the pleasure to hear broadcasters like Jack Buck, Red Barber, Russ Hodges, Marty Brennaman, Harry Caray (and I’m talking about the 50’s and 60’s Caray, not the 80’s Cubs version,) along with greats like Vin Scully and the late Harry Kalas.   By the way, you should check out Pat Hughes, Cubs broadcaster, and his great series, Baseball Voices.  I should know, I was the studio engineer for all nine releases to date.

Also, we have some of the fabulous television voices such as Curt Gowdy, Jim Simpson, Chris Schenkel, Jim McKay, and Al Michaels.  My favorite overall is the voice of God, the late great John Facenda, who narrated all those awesome NFL films videos.



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  • Great list but #1 on my list of all-time great voices is James Earl Jones.

  • Will Lyman is great too.

  • Brilliant list...great idea Steve!

  • There was a broadcast announcer/dj back in the 70s - 80s around the New York circuit named Charlie Brown ... nice sexy baritone voice like Ted Williams ... wonder what happened to him.

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