Paradise Found - Hawaii Five-O and Terra Nova

Paradise Found - Hawaii Five-O and Terra Nova
Grace Park as Kono on Hawaii Five-O

Hawaii Five-O recap below with spoilers.

I’m now caught up with the last two episodes of Terra Nova.  One had to be watched on the FOX web site, because of the 11-inning game in the ALCS.  DirecTV (and I suppose other providers haven’t figured out how to deal with delays in the broadcast schedule and reshuffle the deck in the program guide.  Even a 30 minute extension wouldn’t have covered it, had I not been in a sci-fi mood, I might even have re-watched Nelson Cruz’ game winning grand slam.   The web version had 90-second commercials between segments,  enough time to check email.

Last week, Mrs -Doctor Shannon and her old flame Dr. Wallace have to save the colony from a virus that causes an Alzheimers-like disease that progresses much faster, and kills in a short period of time.  That doesn’t help ease the tension between Jim Shannon and Wallace.

Monday Jim and Taylor have to deal with a runaway child from the “Sixers” and see what she can tell them about the rebels.  Jim also gets taken captive by Mira, the resistance leader, who tries to tell him that Taylor is not all he pretends to be.  Shannon has to deal with the mixed messages and decide what to do.  The identity of the mole is also revealed, but not to Taylor and company.  The soldier boy who has the hots for Shannon’s daughter musters up to inform her that he is “courting” her.  I try to fast forward through the obligatory romantic banter between the lovestruck teens, to get to the action sequences.  Bring me more dinosaur encounters.

Move ahead eighty-five million years to Hawaii as Five-Oh investigates the murder of a popular college volleyball coach.  He is tied to an affair with a wealthy businessman’s wife.  The Kono story comes full circle as the businessman has been laundering money for Frank Delano (Billy Baldwin) and his dirty cops.

Kono gets busted by McGarrett and it turns out she was helping Capt. Fryer of Internal Affairs bust Delano.  Steve is not happy about being kept out of the loop.  Next week’s previews suggests a WoFat appearance.

Number of casualties – four: the Volleyball coach, his rich benefactor, two of the dirty cops

Best exchange:

Dan and Steve (where else) in the car en route to see the rich guy

D: Question. What do you think one of these places [houses in the rich neighborhood] cost?  That place. Right there. What’s that cost?

S: Helluva lot more than you and I earn.

D: helluva lot more than a college volleyball coach earns too, right? [but it might be in the range of a major college basketball coach] This guy Scarpelli is living it up.  Some guys have all the luck I guess.

S: Yeah Danny, lucky..I mean he’d dead. But he’s a lucky guy cause look at the house he’s living in.

D: This is my point OK, what are the perks of being a cop? The pay sucks, the hours suck, sometimes, no, not sometimes, all the time I get shot at.  All the time.

S: What are you talking about, you hardly ever get shot at.

D: Is that a joke?

S: When was the last time you got clipped?

D: You’re not a funny person. You trying to be funny? You’re not. Here’s my point. Living rent free in some rich guy’s place seems like a nice perk for keeping the world a safer place.

It appears that Danno’s rant is due to the fact that his apartment building is being knocked down to construct  luxury condos.

The other funny interaction takes place between Lori Weston and Chin Ho where she inquires about McGarrett.  Chjin simply has a perplexed look on his face.  Priceless.  Among the things she asks him is, “What’s his deal anyway?” and “He’s kind of hard to get a read on, except for the daddy issues.”




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