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Song Of the Day by Eric Berman - "Virus" by Bjork

Song Of The Day – “Virus” by Bjork Nobody…and I mean nobody sounds like Bjork! She’s the single most original artist we have today. An acquired taste? You bet she is, but if you’re so inclined she’s an amazing listen. This one comes from her brand new record “Biophilia.” If you’re up for the challenge,... Read more »

Song Of The Day by Eric Berman - "I Love A Man In A Uniform" by Gang Of Four

Song Of The Day – “I Love A Man In A Uniform” by Gang Of Four By 1982’s “Songs Of The Free” album, bassist Dave Allen left Gang Of Four for the greener pastures of Shriekback to be replaced by Sara Lee. This found remaining members Andy Gill and Jon King trading in their agit-Punk... Read more »

At 85, Life is Still But a Dream for Mr. Canoe, Ralph Frese

Article and all photographs by Seth Arkin. Originally published on “In canoeing, we have the only trail in nature that leaves no trace of our passing.” With this thought-provoking statement, one of many insights imparted during an engaging and educational conversation, Ralph Frese, longstanding proprietor of the Chicagoland Canoe Base, cast a light on... Read more »

Song Of The Day by Eric Berman - "Locomotive Man" by Johnny Cash

Song Of The Day – “Locomotive Man” by Johnny Cash This 1960 single written by The Man In Black himself recently turned up on the “Bootleg Series II – From Memphis To Hollywood,” a collection of rare singles, outtakes and demos. “Bootleg Series III” was just released this week focusing on live performances from the... Read more »

Movie Review: "The Ides Of March"

Movie Review: "The Ides Of March"
The movie “The Ides Of March” is portrayed as a political thriller, but it’s hardly that. Thriller…perhaps. Political…not really. Rather it is a behind the scenes look at the back-stabbing, chess playing, and the all around dirty pool of what goes on behind the scenes during a political campaign. The cast in this movie is... Read more »

Song Of The Day by Eric Berman - "I'm Going Down" by Rose Royce

Song Of The Day – “I’m Going Down” by Rose Royce Fans of Rose Royce reveled in the voice of Rose Norwalt whose pipes graced this deep soul track from the 1976 “Car Wash” Soundtrack, but her name was actually Gwen Dickey. The song was written by Norman Whitfield and was brought back to the... Read more »

Song Of The Day by Eric Berman - "Pretty Smart On My Part" by Phil Ochs

Song Of The Day – “Pretty Smart On My Part” by Phil Ochs “Rehearsals For Retirement” was the first record Phil Ochs released after the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. Ochs was a Yippie (Youth International Party) member and was instrumental in the organization of the protest and the party. This song, and indeed the... Read more »

Song Of The Day by Eric Berman - "Save The Life Of My Child" by Simon & Garfunkel

Song Of The Day – “Save The Life Of My Child” by Simon & Garfunkel Most people believe that “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was their high-point, but my vote goes to 1967’s electric “Bookends.” The album displayed much growth from their previous platter, “Parsley Sage Rosemary & Thyme,” with songs like “America,” “Mrs. Robinson,” “Hazy... Read more »

Movie Review - Real Steel

Movie Review - Real Steel
“Real Steel” is a combination of a bunch of movies. It’s part “Rocky.” It’s part “Transformers.” And it’s part of any one of a thousand movies where a Father and Son find their way back together. The movie takes place in the near future (roughly ten years from now) and revolves around the world of... Read more »

Song Of the Day by Eric Berman - "Brain Gallop" by Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

Song Of The Day – “Brain Gallop” by Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks I’ve been spinning Malkmus’ latest record, “Mirror Traffic” incessantly since it appeared in August and it has become clear that it is perhaps the best record I’ve heard all year. Record producer Beck Hanson (aka Beck) focused The Jicks’ to create a... Read more »
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