Movie Review - Real Steel

Movie Review - Real Steel
Hugh Jackman with Atom from "Reel Steel"

“Real Steel” is a combination of a bunch of movies. It’s part “Rocky.” It’s part “Transformers.” And it’s part of any one of a thousand movies where a Father and Son find their way back together.

The movie takes place in the near future (roughly ten years from now) and revolves around the world of robot boxing. Human boxing has since been outlawed with robots taking the place for the blood thirsty crowd.

Enter Hugh Jackman, who is a down on his luck former boxer (“he coulda been a contenda”…..oops wrong movie) who since has become a two bit hustler in the robot boxing world. Jackman (perfect in this role) is a loser and a drifter who both thinks and loses big. He keeps coming up with second rate robots that end up losing him money.

Now the boxing is not enough enough of a story so enter Jackman’s estranged son, played by Dakota Goyo (why is every child actor now days named Dakota?) The kid pops up on the scene after his mother passes away and Jackman only decides to take in the kid after Goyo’s uncle agrees to pay him money.

At first father and son are at each other’s throats, but you know that wont last for long and you know they will soon bond. But even though the plot was as obvious as Ozzie Guillen taking the Florida Marlins’ job, the producers and director do a really good job of building up to an emotional climax.

Along the way,  father and son come across an older version of a robot (named Atom) that has almost human qualities to it. Much to Jackman’s surprise, Atom turns out to be a good boxing robot and soon is the talk of the town.

Eventually it comes down to Atom fighting the invincible robot champion (Zeus) and is a decided underdog, much like Rocky was against Apollo Creed. I’m not going to give away the ending but I will tell you that it was well done. And,  even though it suckers you in with obvious built in emotion, it just might get you to tear up anyway.

The boxing scenes even with robots were well done and Jackman looks like a boxer, as he was tutored by Sugar Ray Leonard for the part.

Jackman is good in this flick but might have been upstaged by Goyo who you’ll be seeing soon in other roles.

I liked this movie and rate it – a triple – three stars.

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