The Great Internet Radio Project - An Update

The Great Internet Radio Project - An Update

This update is long overdue.  I last wrote on this subject in the late spring.

To summarize, I talked about my work on a new streaming radio station, citing the need for a better quality classic rock outlet than what I can hear on the radio.  Two of my acquaintances have created top quality streaming stations.

They are Zecom’s The Choice and Okemos Brewing in Michigan.

However, I wanted something that had my own personal stamp of approval.  So all summer long I have been working diligently on what will be called “Acid Flashback.” It will be a psychedelic blend of classic, prog rock, new wave, and jam bands, with a little blues and jazz tossed in for good measure.  Sure, there will be some classic rock hits.  But instead of every song, you might only hear them once out of every four or five tunes played.  That gives me a chance to play more album rock, deep cuts, as well as live songs and cool cover versions.

The artist spread will be fantastic.  The song library has over eight thousand songs, and more than 1200 different artists and bands.  That’s more bands than some stations have songs in rotation.  You will hear everything from the Allman Brothers and Arcade Fire to Frank Zappa and ZZ Top.

So what have I been doing all summer?  Pruning the music library.  Acid Flashback began life as just under 8000 mp3 songs borrowed from the Zecom music library.  I went through each and every song to remove things that didn’t fit the format, such as Belinda Carlisle, Duran Duran, Kenny Loggins, and Madonna.  I removed over nine hundred songs that, as we joked, were enough to start a “chick rock” station.

As I was going along, eliminating some of these “wimpy” songs, I was also adding additional material to spruce up the depth and breadth of the library.  For instance, I inherited twenty four Jimi Hendrix tracks.  When I added in material from my own personal collection, I ended up with 101 songs total.

However, that method proved quite time consuming, so I scaled back my efforts to simply trim the unwanted material in an effort to keep the process moving.  I finished what I’d like to call “Phase One” late last month.  Thus, all the songs that now play should fit the format’s goals.

Pretzel Logic by Steely Dan

Phase Two will involve adding all the deep tracks from the bands that are still missing from the music library.  I had a to do list nearly two pages long of artists whose material merits addition to what is already present.  For example, last week I added every single song from the first six Steely Dan albums that already wasn’t in the database.  So yes, you can hear “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number,” on the station, but you can also hear “Charlie Freak” and “Monkey in Your Soul.”

Phase Three will consist of the addition of live tracks from both official releases and some high quality bootlegs in circulation.  Live cuts are trickier, because the crowd noise has to be edited to a tight start and stop.  Also, sometimes the song introductions can be found at the end of the previous track.  This is a bit more time consuming, but well worth the effort.

Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry

Lastly there is the inclusion of many pop culture sound clips.  As you are listening to the station, you can expect to hear short bits from movies (Dirty Harry, Airplane, Caddyshack, or The Godfather,) television (Saturday Night Live, MASH, South Park, Get Smart,) old commercials (Hamm’s beer, Eastern Airlines, JIF peanut butter, Dodge 1969,) and even politics (LBJ, Nixon, Carter, Reagan.)

Everything will be included in a new site with links to all three stations, and (hopefully) embedded audio players to hear right at your desk top. I am in the process of getting a streaming music license from the record companies.

To keep informed of further progress, you can sign up on BoothReviews to the email subscription list from Feedburner (in the right column,) or “like” the Facebook fan page for “Psychedelic Time Warp,” one of my other related programs.



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