Eleven of the Worst Hurricanes to hit the US

Hurricanes have an enormous destructive power, not just from the winds, but from the rain and the storm surge. The Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale divides hurricanes into five categories distinguished by the intensities of their sustained winds.  Category 5, the strongest has winds greater than 156 mph.  Cat 4’s are 131 – 155; Cat 3’s are 111-130; Cat 2’s are 96 – 110; Category One has 74-95 mph winds.  There have been many destructive and deadly hurricanes and cyclones going far back in recorded history, not just in the East, but in the Western coasts as well.   We have chosen to give you a list of major storms going back to 1900.  Everyone remembers Katrina, but those a bit older will certainly recognize the names Hugo and Andrew.  Senior citizens will definitely shudder at the mention of Camille or Hazel.

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