Movie Review - Super 8


by David Schuster

A lot of times movie studios will keep certain films completely under wraps until they are released. Often it’s because the movie just plain sucks and they want to sucker as many people initially in before the foul word of mouth spreads. However, periodically these same studios know they have a hit on their hands and the movie contains certain surprises that they don’t want known until the flick comes out. “Super 8” falls into the second category.
For weeks we have been seeing the same trailer for “Super 8” of kids making a film and a train crash occurs behind them. Then something breaks out of one of the cars but you never saw what it is. There certainly was the implication that it was some kind of monster but we were left guessing until we actually saw the movie. Well I’m not going to give away the surprise here but I will tell you that whatever your imagination might have conjured up was probably close to being correct.
This movie was written and directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg. FYI,  both Abrams and Spielberg have been making movies ever since they were kids,  much like the actors are portrayed in the movie,  and this flick has Spielberg’s touch all over it. In fact if you walk out of the theater and think where have I seen this movie before you’ll answer the question very quickly. It is very similar to “ET” in a lot of ways. The main actors are all kids and the thing under wraps is just trying to go home.
Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning play the two main young actors and they are very good. Much like Drew Barrymore and Henry Thomas from “ET”, this movie should leap frog Courtney and Fanning onto other roles. There are adult actors in “Super 8” specifically Kyle Chandler but it’s the kids that steal the show.
I will say that the ending was the weak spot of the movie and takes a bit of the luster away. It seemed hurried and without much thought and, of course, was beyond predictable but over all “Super 8” was enjoyable and I give it a triple – three stars.

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