Movie Review - Green Lantern

Movie Review - Green Lantern

by David Schuster

For months I had been seeing previews for “The Green Lantern” and thinking, boy this looks like junk. And Ryan Reynolds as the hero and title character, are you serious? But then again I thought the same thing about Seth Rogin in “The Green Hornet” and though he played the role differently then I imagined he would, I actually thought it was pretty good.

Well I guess I can say the same thing for Reynolds and this movie. Certainly far from great and incredibly comic bookish but that’s what this movie is, an adaptation of a comic book.
Far from the Batman movies and a lot more then the Superman flicks,  this movie uses a ton of special effects. In fact it’s probably 50/50 on special effects versus straight human interaction. And the way that Reynolds is all decked out in green attire and can conjure up things from his imagination I felt like I was watching Jim Carrey in “The Mask.”

The story of the Green Lantern is a super hero who,  once he puts on the special green ring, has some super powers including the ability to fly. Reynolds who plays a cocky test pilot is picked by a group from a far away planet that is out there to protect the Universe from all that is evil. The group (and lets call them Green Peace for yucks) selects Reynolds and puts him through an initiation test. After failing miserably he eventually gets the hang of his powers and


Blake Lively

understands the responsibility that comes with this new gig.
There is also a sub plot of Reynolds and a girl, and what a girl at that. My new favorite female on screen eye candy is played by Blake Lively. And talk about defining geometry. Ms. Lively is,  as Moe Howard used to call them, a Lu Lu. She is ultra hot and is the latest conquest for Leonardo DiCaprio. Is this guy a lucky bastard or what? Any who, Reynolds does more then a decent job with this role mixing in his normal comedic overtones to go along with his super hero performance.
The end comes down to good versus evil and I’ll give you one guess which wins. As I said at the onset, this is far from a great movie but I have to admit that I enjoyed it. Lively herself is worth the price of admission but since I’m grading this on acting chops and the overall flick I’ll give it – a run-scoring double – two and a half stars.


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  • A tad bit generous with the review. DC has a huge problems with their superheros (apart from Batman). They don't seem to relate well with the current world we live in. The viewer has no empathy with this character at all. The first half plays like Top Gun, the middle bit like The Greatest American Hero, and the last bit like the first Fantastic Four movie. Yes, I like Ryan Reynolds too. His career will survive this mess of a movie.

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