The Eleven Best War Movies (that I've seen)

On this Memorial Day, formerly known as “Decoration Day,” to commemorate fallen Union soldiers during the Civil War.  These days, the last Monday in May celebrates all US servicemen who died while serving their country.  

In honor of this day, I have compiled a list of the best eleven war movies that I personally have seen.  Not all these movies are tributes to American soldiers, but as Edwin Starr sang, “War…what is it good for?  Absolutely nothing!”

You may have other personal favorites, just ones that I haven’t seen.  Some like MASH, didn’t have a lot of battle action.  I’m sure you the audience will have your own favorites.

Presented chronologically here are the Memorial Eleven


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  • Glory should easily make this list IMO

  • Great list, Steve. Three others that I really recommend are Paths of Glory (an early Kubrick film), Ballad of a Soldier (a 1959 Russian film you can find on Netflix) and The Burmese Harp, a great Japanese film also from the '50s.

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