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Claire van der Boom as Danny’s ex, Rachel

This was an explosive season finale – literally.  It also looks like “Off The Map” is off the air for good.  Bummer, I really liked that show.

I’ll put forth the best dialogue, so that no one will inadvertently see the spoilerish material

Steve and Danno were tracking down a suspect to interrogate and found him at an Army surplus store/warehouse.  As they were walking through the place, the following conversation ensured:

Danno: Hope you like it, this is what it’s going to look like when you die.  This is your heaven. You want anything while we’re here? New ammo belt? Night vision goggles?  Whoa, whoa…powdered eggs!

Steve: Let me tell you something. I’d take powdered eggs over your eggs any day!

D: My eggs? You love my eggs.

S: Terrible, Danny.

Spoilers after the jump…..

The body count- five  Laura Hills,  Dale O’ Reilly (the Army surplus guy) and two cops escorting him, plus (shocker) Governor Jameson.

The episode starts harmlessly enough, with Danny having a romantic morning after moment with his ex-wife, Rachel.  At the end of the show, Danny fails to show up for a flight back to the mainland, and Rachel, with Grace get on the plane.

That is of course because Danny is going to have to pick up the remnants of Five-O, while figuring how to get McGarrett and Kono out of jail.

Steve has been framed for the Governor’s murder, and Kono set up as the fall guy for the money taken from the police storage locker.

This tangled web of deceit apparently unraveled after the gov’s assistant Laura Hills is found to be the one sending McGarrett the items from his father’s toolbox.

The governor ordered the hit, and covered it up well, but Steve saw the antique desk, and broke in (what was he thinking?) to the executive mansion, and peeked in her desk.

Like every action hero, Steve goes to confront Jameson, but oops, WoFat is there too, to tazer McGarrett and plant the gun, so it looks like he fired it.

So Steve is in custody, arrested by Chin Ho, and Danny has to deal with not only this mess, but a pregnant ex-wife.

I can’t say I saw that one coming, I now we have to wait all off season to see how this unravels.  It was certainly one of the best episodes of the season.  A perfect cliffhanger for a great freshman effort for the team that produces this show.

Steve, all I can say, is get a good lawyer. 


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