Movie Review - Fast Five

by David Schuster

….The movie, “Fast Five” pulled in $85 million in its opening weekend. That’s about a $100,000 for every car crash and body dropping. In other words, this movie is constant action with very little sustained dialogue.
“Fast Five” is another follow up to the original “Fast & Furious.” In all there have been five movies, but two of the original stars, Van Diesel and Paul Walker skipped a couple of them. But they’re back in this one and they pick up where they left off, going from one hot car to another. Cars aren’t the only thing that are hot as the women on screen absolutely sizzle.
As in the previous installments the plot really doesn’t matter but for what it’s worth the gang is off on another “job” with Brazil being the locale. The team is attempting to steal from a bad guy who (of course) has the entire police force in his back pocket.
Diesel & Walker assemble a group of specialists that include: Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris and you start to feel like this is “Ocean’s Eleven” in how they are taking celebrities and just slapping them together.
Don’t for a second think that anything in this movie resembles reality because if it did Diesel and Walker would have been dead thirty seconds in, and perished dozens of times from impossible stunts. But none of the “Fast” movies have been based on realism. Instead it’s the cars and the women that I have come to see. Jordana Brewster is back looking fine as always and the gang now includes Gal Gadot and this woman sure knows how to fill out a bikini.
I should add that “The Rock” (Dwayne Johnson) plays a cop in this movie and “The Rock” looks like he came from pumping iron in every scene but he’s pretty good in this flick.
If you go to this movie don’t worry about taxing your brain because you wont, and if you’re a die hard fan of the series make sure you stick around through the end of the credits because a major surprise is in store.
I promise you that “Fast Five” won’t be in any Movie Of The Year discussion but it will be discussed by millions of males who like their cars and women……HOT. My rating – a run scoring double – two and half stars for “Fast Five.”

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