Movie Review - Bridesmaids

Movie Review - Bridesmaids

by David Schuster


Finally a movie that you truly can laugh at and I mean… really loud. “Hangover 2” was a complete dud and “Pirates of the Caribbean” was plain stupid. Added to that the Bulls elimination and nothing but mediocre (at best) baseball for the next four months and I needed my humor bone touched. And touched it was by “Bridesmaids”.
I’ll admit I held out for almost two weeks before seeing this because I was a chauvinist and thought how could a movie with a bunch of women be funny. Well, I was dead wrong and I encourage all males to see it and have a good time.
Kristen Wiig if you weren’t familiar with her work previously (currently on Saturday Night Live) has a chance to be a modern day Lucille Ball. She’s incredibly funny and can act on top of it. In the movie,  Wiig is best friends of  Maya Rudolph who is getting married and will serve as her maid of honor. The two of them along with the other four bridesmaids then start planning showers, bachelorette parties and other festivities leading up to the wedding itself.

In a way this movie is a male version of “Bachelor Party” with Tom Hanks, but honestly it’s more raunchy. And that’s where this movie sold me. You don’t have to be just a male cast to be outrageous with dirty jokes about sex and potty humor. This movie proves females are just as capable, and there are some scenes in this movie that are hilarious. I didn’t laugh once during “Hangover 2” but in this movie I was laughing out loud (and I do mean LOUD) in the theater.
Another added touch in this movie is the plot of Wiig’s character going through some rough patches in her own life while planning all the festivities for her best friend. I was so pleasantly surprised at the emotional depth that she displayed going back and forth from humor to hurt to sentimentality. She truly was superb. And it’s the sentimentality (along with the humor) that pushes this movie over the top.
Great performances by all the females in this movie and also the males who fit in perfectly. This truly was a team effort unlike anything we’ve seen from the Cubs or White Sox through the first two months of the season. Baseball (so far) has been incredibly depressing but if you want to laugh then go see “Bridesmaids” which was fantastic……my rating – a grand slam – four stars.

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