Movie Review - Your Highness

One critic wrote of “Your Highness,” “What if you wrote a comedy and nobody laughed?”  Granted, there were only half a dozen others in the theater, but they were laughing along with me.  He also wrote “McBride is dull. Franco does his best to invoke ridiculous overacting.”  Some people just don’t get it.  That’s the whole point of this movie.  Over the top jokes, hideous monsters, and an evil wizard who can’t keep a straight face when deceiving his kidnapped maiden.

The way the trailers and commercials make it seem that McBride’s Thadeous is getting high through the entire film.  In fact, there are only a couple of scenes where he is smoking whatever passed for weed in ancient England.  Instead, it’s a movie about dangerous quests, betrayal, evil sorcerers, and yes, a bit of old fashioned comedy.

Definitely do not take a female companion to this one.  It’s a guys’ night out kind of movie.  Lots of crude jokes, some topless women, and many nice kills, including impales, decapitations, and severed limbs.  There are even some special effects to enhance the viewing experience..

Not once did I find it dull or slow paced.  In a bad movie I’ll check my watch after an hour, but this was a fun guilty pleasure.

Also, there are some many Brits and Aussies playing American roles these days, it was nice to see a few Yanks (well five of the six main characters were from our side of the pond) playing English lads and lasses.  Natalie Portman shows her comedy chops once again as Isabel, a female warrior on her own quest against the evil wizard Leezar (Justin Theroux.) We know Portman can speak British from her terrific turn in “V for Vendetta.”

Franco delights as the handsome, swashbuckling prince Fabious.  He is totally over the top on purpose, and is obviously having fun with the role.  There’s even a weird creature that was equal parts Yoda, the Caterpillar from “Alice in Wonderland” and the Martians from “Mars Attacks.” Picture that one.

You know they are going to slay the wizard and rescue Fabious’ fiancé Belladonna (Zooey Dechanel.) It’s a matter of how they go about doing it, with the combination of lewd jokes and great swordplay.

It’s hardly Best Picture stuff, and that’s the point.  A triple – three stars, for fun, beauties, and dope smoking creatures.

Tomorrow: a review of “Hanna” by David Schuster.

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