Movie Review - Source Code

by David Schuster

“Source Code” is a mix between science fiction and a thriller with an interesting concept of potentially changing events.
Jake Gylenhaal continues his winning formula with another successful role that has you guessing from start to finish as to how this movie unfolds. Gylenhaal has really blossomed as an actor and has been in a lot of recent hits. My only problem with him is the spelling of his name because I have to keep looking it up every time I type it.
“Source Code” is a project where they take someone and place them in an event (in this instance a terrorist attack aboard a train) and have them try and change the event to alter the history. The concept fascinated me and as I sit here at Wrigley Field I picture “Source Code” going back to game six against the Florida Marlins in 2003 and altering the whole Steve Bartman fiasco. Cub fans (and Bartman himself) would love if this could happen.
With each passing time that Gyllenhaal goes back onto the train he gets closer and closer to cracking the case until……..Don’t worry I won t give away the ending. But, again, this is the kind of movie that has you thinking, writing and even producing how it should end and that alone makes this film enjoyable.
Of course, there has to be some sort of love interest in the movie and that part is played by Michelle Monaghan. She is one of the passengers on the train and to say she is pleasant and nice to look at would be an understatement. Vera Farmiga is also in this flick and though it’s not as juicy a role as she played in “Up In The Air,” she’s still good here too.
“Source Code” is not a great movie but, as mentioned, is enjoyable and  I give it – a run-scoring double – two and a half stars.

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