Movie Review - "Arthur" with Russell Brand

by David Schuster

It might have been telling that of the two movies that featured Russell Brand that came out last weekend it was the animated movie that garnered more money. Yes it was “Hop” that pulled in more cash then “Arthur”. But since many consider Brand to be a cartoon like character maybe it makes sense after all.
“Arthur” of course is a remake of the hugely successful original from thirty years ago that starred the late Dudley Moore. In the original, Moore played a lovable drunk who had money up the wazoo and a heart of gold. Brand also has a heart of gold in this sequel and does drink a lot, but really doesn’t come off as a  drunk. Rather, he comes off as Brand just playing himself. In a word….Silly.
Helen Mirren plays Arthur’s trusted butler and though most critics panned her role, I thought she was the best thing  in this movie. Jennifer Garner (hot as always) plays the scheming gold digger, and Greta Gerwig plays the Pollyanna girl who Arthur falls for.
I think the main problem with this version of “Arthur” is that it was about 30 minutes too long. Seriously, how many times can you see a grown man get into sticky situations? It was almost like a combination of Richie Rich and Pee Wee Herrmann.
Towards the end Arthur cleans up his act and the plot gets down right sentimental which only adds to the confusion of this movie. Are you a comedy, a love story or what the heck are you?
I didn’t hate this movie I just didn’t like it very much. Yet another example of a flick that could have and should have been so much better. Just an RBI single – a star and a half for “Arthur”

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