Movie Review - The Lincoln Lawyer

Movie Review - The Lincoln Lawyer

by David Schuster


Took time out in the midst of all the NCAA games to catch “The Lincoln Lawyer” and was glad I did. This was Matthew McConaughey at his wise cracking dramatic best unlike his recent string of comedic failures.
“The Lincoln Lawyer” stars McConaughey as a slick lawyer who is used to representing one sleeze ball after another but catches (what he thinks) is a big break with a rich kid on a murder case. The rick kid is played by Ryan Phillippe who in real life dumped Reese Witherspoon (what a dope) and he is definitely a creep in this movie too.


Marisa Tomei

McConaughey seems to have tricks up his sleeve and answers for
everything until this case becomes much more then he thought. The story
twists and turns and has you guessing and even plotting on how it should
unfold and I love movies like this. There is also a great supporting
cast in Marissa Tomei (who seemingly never ages), William H. Macy and
Michael Pena.
Good action, real good dialogue and a very good thriller from start to
finish as the writers for this movie really earned their money. I wont
give away any more of the story because I don’t want to give away the
surprise but if it’s possible this is a character I would like to see a
follow up movie for. And if Barry Bonds needs a sharp attorney for his
upcoming steroid case he should look for somebody like the lead
character in “The Lincoln Lawyer” I give it a triple – three stars.

Tomorrow: a review of “Limitless.”

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