Movie Review - The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon

by David Schuster

Had some time to kill between doing morning drive and a TV appearance in the afternoon so I took in a  double feature downtown. And, shame on me I paid for one but slipped into a second theater for free. I haven’t done that in eons and wonder just how many people still do.
The first movie I took in was “The Adjustment Bureau” and I’ll tell you up front….it was good. It’s sort of a combination Science Fiction and love story. The plot (as is usually the case) is off the wall but I didn’t care.
Matt Damon plays an up and coming young politician who is being shadowed by this group of guys who look like old time G-Men and who also wear hats.   Who are these guys? Well, it’s never really fully explained but they’re basically a mix of control freaks and angels.
They’re a secret organization that is supposed to make sure that the future plays out the way it is intended. Along the way Damon meets a beautiful dancer (Emily Blunt) who he falls in love with but the Bureau guys tell him that he can’t be with her. It’s not in the “plan.” These Bureau guys are fairly convincing and have powers so Damon (for a while) falls into place. But eventually he breaks free of their hold on him and finds Blunt and says damn the consequences. Damon’s character has a bright future ahead of him. A very bright future and the Bureau is determined to keep him on course.  But,  love and free will conquer all and Damon with the help of one of the Bureau guys attempts to make his own destiny.
Damon has proven to be a tremendous box office star and he’ll do it again with this movie. But, more importantly he makes good movies and this is another example. Currently, he and his friend Ben Affleck are attempting to get approval to make a movie about the Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich family swapping story when they were members of the NY Yankees. Here’s hoping he gets that approval because that was a fascinating story that didn’t go entirely as planned.
But that’s a story for another day. Right now we’re talking about “The Adjustment Bureau” which left me with a warm feeling and a triple – three star rating.

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