Movie Review - "Take Me Home" with Topher Grace

by David Schuster


In my last review (“The Adjustment Bureau”) I said that I took in a double feature paying for one and sneaking into a second movie. That movie was “Take Me Home Tonight” and since I didn’t pay for it I don’t feel as ripped off as I would have if I shelled out the bucks. It sort of reminded me of the old 45 records where the A-side  was always the good song and the B-side  was the stinker. Well “Take Me Home Tonight” was definitely side B.
This is Topher Grace’s latest attempt to duplicate his success from TV (That 70’s Show) to the big screen. My advice would be to find better scripts….much better scripts. This flick however is basically just a juvenile romp going from one kegger to another and worse yet it’s set during the 1980’s which means a lot of bad music from that lost decade.

Grace plays an M.I.T. graduate who can’t make up his mind what he wants to do with his life, so he works in a video store and his family is constantly on his case. His twin sister is played by Anna Faris who really doesn’t look that good in this movie and his best friend is played by Dan Fogler who is a watered down John Candy or Chris Farley. But thankfully there are some hot chicks including Teresa Palmer who Grace has the hots for.
 Along the way we get enough cocaine ingested to make Charlie Sheen jealous, bathroom sex, cops overlooking felonies and air heads all over the place.
I didn’t realize until I did some research that this movie actually was made four years ago and sat on some shelf collecting dust waiting to be released. Too bad someone dusted it off and released it. My rating – a weak single – one measly star for “Take Me Home Tonight”.

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