Movie Review - "Limitless" with Bradley Cooper

Movie Review - "Limitless" with Bradley Cooper

by David Schuster


DeNiro and Cooper

The movie “Limitless” in a word is limiting. Such a good premise, but as the movie unfolds it gets more and more ridiculous. This movie would have been good in the format of the old sixty minute version of “The Twilight Zone.” Quick side note here….Rod Serling lived next door to my cousins growing up in the L.A. area, and I met him when I was quite young. Now that was definitely a brush with greatness that I will never forget. Ok, now back to the movie…..
“Limitless” is about a down on his luck vagabond writer played by Bradley Cooper, who meets his ex-brother in law on the street one day. This guy works for a pharmaceutical company, and they are working on an experimental drug that brings out your full potential. Just seconds after taking it you become a whiz at anything. This sort or reminded me of the recent steroid era in baseball where who knows how many players were juiced up on performance enhancers.

Cooper instantly becomes a combination of Albert Einstein and Warren Buffet and soon is making millions of dollars in the stock market. And don’t we all wish we had a drug like that for this economy? Eventually Cooper gets hooked up with tycoons, loan sharks and prostitutes and his dependence on the drug makes him more and more desperate. Can you say Barry Bonds or Mark McGwire?
The big business tycoon is played by Robert DeNiro, and I can’t say this is one of his better roles. DeNiro is definitely getting older and I really wish he gets  one last great script before his career comes to an end. In this movie it seems like he’s going through the motions as if he knows the story is stupid.
Anytime a movie needs to use special effects of psychedelic images (when they are not called for) it tells me that the producers and directors are reaching for something to grab the audience. Well consider me not grabbed.
I told you earlier that the story kept deteriorating and then it was capped off with a dumb end. A movie with potential and some glitz but in the end a disappointment….just a ground rule double – two stars.


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  • Limitless has such potential, and I agree that it was taken in the wrong direction. The concept of utilizing the entire brain is enticing, but this somewhat original idea became extremely unoriginal with the unnecessary threats from a dangerous mobster, which stemmed from Cooper's character Eddie Morra's need for a large loan, the on-again, off-again love interest only interested when he is on top, and the far too unbelievable string of coincidences always saving Ed at the last minute. These circumstances seem much too familiar to be able to decipher Limitless from many other action-packed dramas. The better parts of the movie were focused on what could be possible were one able to access the entire brain, which basically portrayed Ed Morra as a human encyclopedia.

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