Movie Review - Hall Pass

by David Schuster


Sudeikis and Wilson

After watching the absolute worst broadcast ever of the Academy Awards I felt the need to cleanse the stench of that show out of my mouth and went in search of a comedy. Why a comedy? Because I didn’t laugh even once while watching the Oscars. Not a laugh, giggle or even snicker as the producers of that show delivered a train wreck that included the incredibly bad job by James Franco and Anne Hathaway.

Memo to the producers….Find someone funny next year.
So with that in mind I took in “Hall Pass” which was the #1 movie last weekend with a modest take of just over $13 million. The ads in the paper say it’s the funniest flick of 2011 but I’ll tell you up front that the ad is not true. Yes, it does have some funny moments but the Farrelly brothers (Bobby & Peter) have done much better and this is not non stop laughter like their masterpiece “Something About Mary”
“Hall Pass” is about two married guys who are getting older (approaching forty) who still think that they could get younger babes if given the chance. And truth be told many married guys probably think this before reality sets in.

The 2 guys are played by Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis who finally get their chance when their wives give them what is termed a Hall Pass which is one week off from their vows to do as they wish. A lot of bravado talk is followed by non action and shoot downs but you certainly get a bevy (and then some) of hot women along the way. There is also some brief nudity, a ton of alcohol and drugs and you get the feeling that the Farrelly’s were trying to duplicate the success of “The Hangover”  In short…they don’t but as stated above there are some awkward moments leading to some laughs with the biggest laughs coming in the 90 second out takes after the movie ends.
The plot (as is usually the case) is fairly mindless and for a movie that has been established as a comedy a sentimental story breaks out towards the end and maybe that’s where Wilson’s career is heading after his success in “Marley And Me”
 All in all I didn’t laugh nearly as much as I wanted (and needed to) after the droll Academy Awards and it’s never a good thing when the best laughs come during the out takes but I’ll still muster up – a ground rule double – two stars for “Hall Pass”

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