Movie Review - Battle Los Angeles

by David Schuster


I don’t usually get to the initial showings of a movie but I had a chance to do so with “Battle: Los Angeles”. Not so surprisingly (especially with all the pre-release hype) the theater was relatively packed even though it was early in the day. And no doubt it will win the box office battle this week but word of mouth is likely to squash any long term run for this flick.

“Battle: Los Angeles” is not about the Lakers and Clippers going at it or even the Dodgers and Angels, although both of those would have been much better. Instead it’s a (supposed) Sci Fi flick about aliens invading Earth with the movie concentrating on how the ET’s are conquering L.A.  And if you’ve seen the previews and trailers you’ve seen the best of the film so save your money.

Aaron Eckhart is a Staff Sergeant leading a small band of marines as they infiltrate the enemy and eventually (of course) save the day. Basically for almost two hours this small group overcomes all that the big bad aliens have to offer. And I had to laugh because when the small group went out on patrol they were a group of 7 and even though numerous members of their group die during the movie they still have the same number standing at the end. Oh well, must be that new math.

It has been a while since we’ve had a good invasion of Earth movie and we’re still waiting…for a good one. “War Of The Worlds” set the standard…….at least the original, and even the newer version was better then this dribble. “Independence Day” was also much better.

“Battle: Los Angeles” is basically a lot of noise, special effects and wooden acting. What a colossal disappointment because I was looking forward to it. Just  a weak single – one star for this puppy.

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