Paradise Found - a Hawaii Five-O blog

Paradise Found - a Hawaii Five-O blog

CBS decided to capitalize on football fans to use the Steelers – Jets game as a lead in for their special Sunday night episode.  Checking tonight’s listings, they are re running the episode where a navy SEAL takes hostages aboard the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor.  If you


haven’t seen that one, it’s worth a watch.

I’d like to also take this opportunity to say that I’m going to do an about face on the ABC show “Off the Map.” since it’s filmed in Hawaii, I felt this was a good forum to comment on it as well.  The characters with their unusual back stories are becoming a bit more intriguing, “Plastics” the young surgeon had a bit of a soccer debate (Brazil vs Argentina) in one of the story lines, there was a giant snake that crushed a patient, and Cheech Marin guest starred as a local medicine man who treated his patients with local herbs.  Talk about great casting.

Out to paradise (with spoilers) after the jump…..


The show opens with Danno getting a land-only surfing lesson from Kono (Grace Park) who is wearing another hot bikini, then the sirens go off for a tsunami warning. 

Steve summons Danno and they meet at the Tsunami Warning Center, where coincidentally the head of the center has gone missing, or is it a coincidence?

The promos make it seem that disaster is imminent.  It didn’t take a rocket scientist, or anyone who’s watched this show all season to figure out the warning was a hoax.

However, our intrepid crew still had to figure out who was behind it.  With the help of the hired hacker, they were able to trace back and find the kidnapper, who was the show’s only kill of the week.

Still, these are the some of the best who-done-it and why on television. 

More great sparking dialogue courtesy of Honolulu’s version of Martin and Lewis:

Danno: How was that helpful?
Steve: Just be quiet about four seconds so the adults can think.
D: Thinking, is that what that face means?

D: (as they are driving back to the shore) This is your plan? Listen to me…this is your plan?  If I’m gonna die on this island that I should have never come to in the first place, your face is not the last one that I want to see…You understand that…respectfully of course.

D: I hope you are right (his hoax theory) because if you are not, we are going to be sleeping with the fishes…literally.

Danny’s daughter Grace: Me and daddy like to play cards
Kamekona (watching Grace for Dan:) You’re looking at the king of Go Fish.
Grace: How about five card draw?

Steve:(after Dan gets off the phone with Kamekona) Everything OK?
Danno: Is it OK? Yea, it’s perfect.  My daughter is spending the day with an ex criminal informant! Everything is peachy.  I blame you.

Aloha McGarrett.


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