Movie Review - "The Mechanic" with Jason Statham

Movie Review - "The Mechanic" with Jason Statham

by David Schuster


One of my favorite movies growing up was “The Mechanic.” It wasn’t that it was a cinematic success but it was right at the height of Charles Bronson’s career and the subject material and story were cool. So when they decided to come up with a remake thirty-eight years later I was excited to see it. Unfortunately it didn’t leave up to mine or many other people’s expectations..
“The Mechanic” is a term used for a hired killer and in this instance he’s supposed to be an intelligent assassin who doesn’t need to come in guns a blazing. Unfortunately that’s what this remake fails to duplicate as bodies are dropping at a rate quicker then 3 point field goals in a college hoops game.
Jason Statham plays the title role and was a logical successor to Bronson and I don’t fault this movie at all on him.
I’ve always liked Statham. From his “Transporter” flicks to “Crank” he is a really good action star but the original “Mechanic” was so much more intelligently presented while this version is bang bang bang,  that even Statham’s performance is over shadowed.
Jan Michael Vincent played Bronson’s side kick in the original, where as Ben Foster plays the role in this remake and just doesn’t measure up. Believable he is not, and once again the writers didn’t do him any favors with his combat mentality.
And then there’s my favorite pet peeves in action flicks where not only are bodies dropping like flies but where are the police? There is one particular scene in this remake where you have about twenty people killed on screen, a host of accidents (involving cars, buses and a garbage truck) and there’s not one cop anywhere to be seen. I know it’s a movie but how about a speck of realism?
Statham does his best to keep this movie going and I liked his performance but the writers, producers and directors screwed this production up so I can only give it – a single – one star.

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