Movie Review - Gulliver's Travels with Jack Black


Even though it came out in 2010 I am nominating “Gulliver’s Travels” as the worst movie of 2011. Yes I know that we still have 11 months and 3 weeks to go but there can’t possibly be anything worse then this piece of CRAP. How bad was it? Think the Expansion N.Y. Mets. Think the Tim Floyd era Chicago Bulls. Think the worst sporting event you have ever seen and then go down 3 more levels. WTF were they thinking putting this pile of dung together?
The funny, or not so funny, thing is that this movie could have been fairly decent. Certainly everyone knows the story of Gulliver and his travels and how he finds himself a giant in a world of miniature people.

Think of all the possible jokes and off shoots that good writers could have come up with.
But either these writers were drugged out of their minds or haven’t gone through puberty yet. By the way, is there anything worse then a comedy that NEVER makes you laugh? Not even once. Hell I would have been satisfied with a wry smile but this piece of junk couldn’t even supply that.
And what is becoming of Jack Black?  His fifteen minutes of fame is quickly extinguishing. This piece of garbage is his latest failure, And for good measure he brought good friends Jason Segel and Amanda Peet to the cast. With friends like this who indeed does need enemies?
In short, the story stinks, the acting is incredibly bad and the special effects are laughable at best. If you have someone you truly hate tell them that this is a good movie and know that they will be screwed by this movie experience.
I said above that this was the worst movie of the year. Well let me amend that, it’s the worst movie of the DECADE and since we’re only 10 plus years in, the number one stinker of the century. And, oh yea….my rating – a strikeout – zero stars.


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  • I'm surprised you needed to go see that movie to know it would stink. All indications were that it would stink right from the beginning...lame talk-show rounds, advertising campaign that didn't look interesting...lack of previews at other movies, etc. That said, you didn't see "Yogi Bear" (neither did I), but I'll go out on a limb and nominate that film as the worst of the year...

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