Movie Review - Casino Jack with Kevin Spacey and Barry Pepper

Movie Review - Casino Jack with Kevin Spacey and Barry Pepper

by David Schuster


So many movies recently released have been either factual or based on true events and that’s true of “Casino Jack”. This is the story of Washington D.C, lobbyist Jack Abramoff who pulled off numerous shady dealings that ultimately led to his arrest and rocked Capitol Hill.
Kevin Spacey returns from a self imposed hibernation to play the title character. It’s not up there with his performances in “American Beauty” and “The Usual Suspects” but Spacey is believable as the wise cracking and always scheming Abramoff. Barry Pepper plays Spacey’s right hand man who is as oily as a professional wrestling manager.

Pepper first caught my attention portraying
Roger Maris in “61” and he’s been a screen presence ever since. Not so
believable and totally miscast in this movie was Jon Lovitz. Normally I love
seeing Lovitz as he almost instantly makes me laugh but this wasn’t a part for
him and the producers made a big mistake putting him in this film.
“Casino Jack”


Spacey and Pepper in “Casino Jack”

is at times extremely over the top with both dialogue and
imagination. In short it’s hard to believe much like it’s hard to believe the
Bulls start a shooting guard who can’t shoot or score. Yes, some of this movie is
quite true but it also takes liberties with the truth. But it was good to see
Spacey back center stage on the big screen. What few movies he has done in the
recent past have been small bits at best. Next time though, I would like to see
him in a better written flick. I give “Casino Jack” – a ground rule double – two

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