Movie Review - "Blue Valentine" with Ryan Goslin and Michelle Williams

Movie Review - "Blue Valentine" with Ryan Goslin and Michelle Williams

Finally got around to seeing one of 2010’s most acclaimed end of the year flicks in “Blue Valentine” This is a complicated movie about the birth and eventual death of a marriage. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are the two main characters and in real life both are quickly transforming themselves from the small (TV) screen to the bigger one (movies). They play a couple in two phases of their lives: when they meet in their early twenties (done in flashbacks) and then about six years later.
Initially when Gosling and Williams meet he sweeps her off her feet with incredible romanticism but as time goes by she loses her feeling for him and is just going through the motions.

Kudos to both young actors for portraying real life feelings that undoubtedly many in today’s society go through themselves. Not only do both lead characters show the emotional metamorphoses of a decaying relationship they also show the physical strains.
As mentioned above, this is a complicated movie and also depressing because Gosling has no ambition other then just being married while Williams wants to grow in her career but seems held back by her dead end marriage.
My one major complaint is the ending. It’s not a good or bad ending it’s just pretty much a fade to black curtain closer. I guess that’s good for the movie review clubs who will have a field day hashing and rehashing this movie but personally I like a conclusion that is a conclusion.

 The fact that it ended without an ending disappointed me. Still I have to admit I liked “Blue Valentine” and I really enjoyed the acting and give it a triple – three  stars.

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