Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Those who are Kevin Smith fans will recognize the title of this column.  So what is the meaning other than the title of title of a Smith movie and two of his best known characters?  Not much.  Just a lack of a better working title.

The goal here is to do something I don’t do all that often, go out on a limb and defend a football player accused of not sucking it up in a big game.

Several current and former players have spoken out against Cutler. I will not give any credence to their comments by repeating them.

My hypothesis regarding the seriousness of the injury is borne out by two things.  

First and foremost, his coaches and teammates have rallied to his defense.

[The gallery also contains audio comments from Caleb Hanie, Lovie Smith, and Jerry Angelo]

Caleb Hanie, who did a remarkable job being thrown into the fray as the
third string quarterback stated at Halas Hall today, “It frustrates you
to hear that stuff from anybody, let alone other players and well known,
respected media guys.  I’ll just tell you this, one thing I know about
Jay is that he’s tough.  So, if he could have been on the field and be
productive at all for the team, he would have done it. He obviously was
in a ton of pain where he couldn’t handle it enough to help the team. 
He added, “He encouraged me before I went in, and when I came off the
field after every drive.” His words were meant to calm down a very
inexperienced player in an incredibly difficult situation.  Not exactly
the crass, conceited player sometimes portrayed in the national media.

Smith gave the coaching staff’s view.  “He wanted to go and tried to go
the second half, as he went back in the first series.  I never want a
player out on the field if he can’t protect himself.”

GM Jerry Angelo used a single word to describe the reaction around the league – “Crap!”

I’ve suffered an MCL sprain.  When I was twenty-two (five years younger
than Jay is now,) I took a spill on a bicycle going downhill at a speed
in excess of 20 mph.  Fortunately, I landed on a grassy curb and didn’t
break anything.  I ended up with some loose gravel that had to be taken
out, an MCL sprain, and a nice scar about the size of a quarter as a

The MCL sprain took about three weeks to heal.  Luckily
as a student, I got treatment at the school’s health service, and spent
the better part of those three weeks at physical therapy.  

did not need crutches.  I could still walk, albeit gingerly, and my knee
had swollen up.  All of those things were consistent with what I
witnessed Sunday.  If Cutler’s knee was swollen, we never saw any camera
shot of that under his uniform.  

Now I’m no world class
athlete, but I sure couldn’t have dropped back and thrown passes with
any accuracy, and certainly wouldn’t have been able to scramble away
from three hundred pound defensive linemen.  As I recall, it took more
than a month before I was able to ride the bike again comfortably.  

So consider me in Culter’s corner on this one.

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