Review - "Love and Other Drugs" with Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal

by David Schuster


Anne Hathaway in “Love and Other Drugs”

The trailers for “Love And Other Drugs” led you to believe this is one of those standard romantic comedies where boy meets girl, they go through a series of high jinx and then live happily ever after. Well part of that is true but there’s also quite a curve ball thrown in as the girl is afflicted with Parkinson’s disease.
The two stars of this movie are Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway reunited after pairing up in “Brokeback Mountain”

Needless to say this flick is a far cry from that one. In fact just about every movie ever made is a far cry from “Brokeback Mountain”.
Gyllenhaal (who has to be the most active actor going these days) plays a pharmaceutical salesman who is both suave and a babe magnet. Bedding women is a specialty while having no emotional attachment. That is until Hathaway comes into his life.
She plays what appears to be a carefree spirit but we quickly find out that she has stage one of Parkinson’s and that sets the tone for the rest of the movie.
The scenes between Gyllenhaal and Hathaway are funny, sad and moving as this movie trends between comedy and emotional impact. And for those of you who like some nude scenes to spice up a flick, you get them with Hathaway showing plenty.
There are some additional characters who drag down the movie such as Gyllenhaal’s brother who seems right out of “Porky’s” or “The Hangover”. But, there are also some pretty funny moments as the drug Viagra is introduced for the first time.
In the end (much like an NBA game in the fourth quarter) this movie builds to a satisfying and intelligent conclusion. Having family members who have been afflicted with Parkinson’s, I liked the way it was accurately portrayed in this movie.
I liked “Love And Other Drugs” and give it – a triple- three stars.

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