Movie Review - The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe

Movie Review - The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe

by David Schuster


Crowe in “The Next Three Days”

Russell Crowe has been to the top of the movie world with such great flicks as “L.A. Confidential,” “Cinderella Man,” “Gladiator,” “A Beautiful Mind,” and “Gladiator.” He’s also been in a few duds and his latest “The Next Three Days” falls somewhere in between. This is definitely not a great movie but it also wasn’t a stinker like “The Tourist” which just came out.
Crowe plays a college professor who is happily married to Elizabeth Banks (ravishing as always). Life is a bowl of cherries until one day the cops barge into his house and accuse Banks of committing a murder.
The movie drags a little bit as Crowe goes through attempts to clear his wife through all legal means possible. When those means come to an end he then determines to break her out of jail. Now I had to scratch my head here because if someone is serving time for a capital murder they are in a maximum security prison and not a local jail. Ok, I admit I’m being picky but movies take such liberties with realism.
Crowe goes through trials and tribulations in planning her escape and then the big day comes and………..Well I’m not going to tell you if he succeeds but I will tell you that realism again takes a holiday during the jail break and subsequent chase.
Liam Neeson makes a cameo in this movie and it’s always good to see him. And,  Crowe and Banks do their best with what they have to work with but the story is as weak as a fifth starter on a poor pitching staff.
A ground rule double – two stars
for “The Next Three Days”

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