Movie Review - The King's Speech with Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush

Movie Review - The King's Speech with Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush

by David Schuster


Colin Firth in “The Kings Speech”

I am so glad I didn’t pick my movie of the year until the last minute because I just came from seeing it. I will tell you up front that “The King’s Speech” is a four star movie and I enjoyed it immensely. It is not even close to an action packed flick like “Inception”. Nor is it suspenseful like “Social Network”. But,  it is a wonderful story with fantastic performances and I was mesmerized by it.
“The King’s Speech” is a true story about King George VI, who took over the throne just prior to World War II. George,  a mild mannered introspective man had a serious speech problem and had an awful time speaking in public. Colin Firth plays George and definitely will be up for best actor. He shows the gentleness, wisdom and humor of the King and delivers a magnificent performance.
Geoffrey Rush plays Lionel Logue who ultimately helps the King overcome both his speech impediment and his insecurities. The interaction between Firth and Rush on screen is top notch. Just one day ago, I thought Christian Bale was a lock for best supporting actor from “The Fighter,” but after seeing Rush in this movie I’m not so sure. They will both be nominated and I would be happy if they both won because they were equally fantastic. Helena Bonham Carter plays Queen Elizabeth and she just adds to the magical casting of this movie.
The movie moves along to the ultimate moment when the King must make a speech to the world that England has declared war on Hitler’s Germany (thus the title). George has literally feared making speeches his whole life, but like a player with the game on the line, he comes through. The final scenes in this movie are the absolute frosting on the cake and the “Speech” is……well you can imagine, but I’d rather you see it for yourself.
Again, this is not the kind of movie that has any chase scenes or harrowing moments but the dialogue and acting is by far the best I’ve seen this year and I came out of the theatre with that feeling I get annually when I know I just saw the best movie of the year. It definitely will be nominated and even if it doesn’t win it’s a great great movie….a grand slam – four stars all the way.

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