Review - "Faster" with Dwayne Johnson

Review - "Faster" with Dwayne Johnson

by David Schuster


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in “Faster”

The movie “Faster” is the return of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) to hard core action. Lately the Rock has been the marsh mellow in flicks like “Tooth Fairy” and “Race To Witch Mountain.” Not that he hasn’t been decent in those comedic, warmhearted movies, but the Rock was made for action roles. Unfortunately, this movie leaves a lot to be desired.
“Faster” is the story of a convict that gets released after serving his ten years and he has nothing but revenge in mind. Revenge for a bank robbery that went wrong and got the Rock’s half brother killed. Bodies start dropping about ten minutes into this movie, and a steady diet continues throughout. Almost like an athlete in his zone. He couldn’t miss his targets even if he tried.
There are sub plots with an assassin hired to knock off Johnson but of course, he kept missing. And there’s also the detectives behind the scenes who are hiding something.

It took me all of about three minutes to figure out what they were hiding, and who is the real bad person in this stupid plot. Billy Bob Thornton is one of the detectives and he’s no big deal in this movie, but good news comes from Thornton who says he is open to a sequel to the hilarious “Bad Santa.” Now that was a funny movie. I laughed my ass off the first time I saw it and still enjoy it whenever I see it.
“Faster” has so many problems. The Rock is a brooding sour puss most of the time in this movie and as usual, the cops are always a day late and a dollar short in solving anything. Even the chase scenes lack imagination and action. It’s been a long time since any chase scene has rivaled those from either “Bullit” or “The French Connection”.
I never thought that Dwayne Johnson would pull it off being a top movie star and he has, but this movie just wasn’t worthy of him. My rating – a weak single – one measly star for “Faster”.

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