Movie Review - Unstoppable

Movie Review - Unstoppable

by David Schuster


Pine and Washington

Denzel Washington does it again. This guy rarely makes a bad movie and in “Unstoppable” he is part of another exciting well done flick. “Unstoppable” is based on a true story but is slightly embellished for the big screen. It involves a run away freight train (nobody on board) that has hazardous material that, if derailed, could cause a major catastrophe.
Washington and Cris Pine (Captain Kirk in the “Star Trek” reboot) are two railroad engineers who are on a another freight that is headed right for the run away. First they have to narrowly avoid getting hit head on and then take matters into their own hands devising a plan to stop the run away which is headed for a big town.
Of course before Washington and Pine perform their heroics,  the bungling cost conscious railroad executives almost screw everything up with one bad plan after another.

You do know how this movie ends but that’s ok because you just want to see how they pull off the trick.
Washington and Pine each have their own soap opera family lives going on outside the train but that is just filler for the chase scenes themselves. And though this move is just over ninety minutes (love it) there is plenty of action. And if you see it in a good theater then the speakers should be blaring and nothing comes through speakers like loud trains.
Rosario Dawson (damn, she’s cute) plays a tough intelligent rail yard manager while Kevin Dunn plays the corporate boob who makes all the wrong calls. Think of him as a manager (lets say Terry Bevington or Jim Essian) who screws up repeatedly.
This movie was both exciting and fun, and I like both Washington and Pine (rising star). Three toots of the train’s horn for “Unstoppable” – or in our parlance – a triple

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