Movie Review - "Easy A" with Emma Stone

Movie Review - "Easy A" with Emma Stone
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Emma Stone in “Easy A”

I finally got to see this movie.

In fact, I was surprised that it was still in the theaters. 

It was even more surprising that there were a couple of dozen people in the audience.

Anyway, this film as you may have heard stars Stone (Superbad, Zombieland) as Olive Penderghast, a bright, but unnoticed student at a California high school who makes up a little lie, to get out of going camping with her best friend and her rather eccentric family. As you might imagine, when she embellishes the lie, it becomes fodder for the school’s rumor mill.

The story is told in first person flashbacks. As a consequence of the little lie, a gay friend asks her to pretend to have sex with him to get the school bullies off his back.

This ruse goes so well that other “losers” as the school ask her for “pretend” hookups.  Olive enjoys the sudden attention and begins to dress the part of a school slut, going so far as to put a fabric “A” on her outfits. This parallels the fact that her English class is reading Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic “The Scarlet Letter.”

Naturally, the whole thing spins way out of control, and Olive must figure out how to rectify things.  There are a few nice little plot twists, and the story moves along very nicely.

There is a superb cast of side players including Stanley Tucci, Patricia Clarkson, Thomas Hayden Church, Malcolm McDowell, and Lisa Kudrow.  There are also several actors from the Disney stable, including Amanda Bynes, whose turn as the self-appointed leader of the religious students who rail against Olive’s behavior is terrific.

This movie is very, very funny.  See it, or rent it.  I may even buy it.  My rating –  a home run – three and a half stars.  

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