Movie Review - Conviction with Hillary Swank and Sam Rockwell

Movie Review - Conviction with Hillary Swank and Sam Rockwell

by David Schuster

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Swank and Rockwell in “Conviction”

Following a dismal summer the Autumn movie season continues on it’s hot streak with “Conviction.” This is a flick based on a true story that takes place over a thirty year span in the New England area. Hillary Swank and Sam Rockwell star as sister and brother with Rockwell’s character arrested for murder in a framed case by the local cops. After exhausting all legal possibilities and getting stone walled Swank then decides to take matters into her own hands by going to Law School and eventually taking over the case.
Again this is a true story so you know the outcome in advance but the acting by both Swank and Rockwell is outstanding and I got totally absorbed into this production. The title fills the bill on two fronts. Conviction for the original decision in the court case but also for the belief that Swank’s character has for her brother’s innocence even though the evidence is against him

Juliette Lewis and Melissa Leo have important cameo roles and both perform them well but it’s Swank and Rockwell who both steal the show. Their chemistry on screen is magnificent and crucial to the movies success. If you didn’t believe that they were brother and sister who truly would do anything for each other then this movie would have failed. But that’s not the case and I predict that both will be nominated for Academy Awards.
One good movie after another so far this fall season and “Conviction” keeps the ball rolling. I give it a home run – three and a half stars.


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  • I haven't seen this movie yet, but I am looking forward to seeing
    Hillary Swank play a role where she is out for revenge. Thank you for your information on the movie. I llike using your site to see what movies I should go and see.


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