Review - The Other Guys

Review - The Other Guys

by David Schuster


Wahlberg and Ferrell are not your average cops

“The Other Guys” is a buddy buddy cop flick that is far from the norm. Most
of the time it works and was funny but the movie,
 like a baseball pretender in August,  runs out of steam in
the end.

The movie starts with Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson (The
Rock) as a couple of stereotypical cops who act like cowboys but always get the
bad guys. But wait a second these aren’t the stars of the movie. No they aren’t
but they’re infused into the beginning of this movie so as to show you the
“Other Guys” who are Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg…a couple of desk cops who
just write up reports. Well soon enough Jackson and Johnson are killed off in a
hilarious way and the “Other Guys” come forward to start doing some real
police work.
The first half of this movie has some pretty funny stuff and I’ll admit I
was laughing out loud which (for me) is a sure sign that the writers were
doing their job.

Ferrell  plays a peculiar straight laced guy
who loves writing up reports while Wahlberg is a frustrated desk jockey who
wants to get back out in the action. He has been assigned to the desk after a
flashback shows a very funny scene involving a current major league star. I defy
you not to laugh when you see what happens. Ferrell is also married to Eva
Mendes who radiates the screen and even though he’s a dork, beautiful women are
attracted to him which Wahlberg just can’t understand. The crime plot is rather
stupid but the comedy holds up and carries the way until it starts to die like a
tiring starter getting into the late innings. The shoot em up action scenes also
don’t mix with the comedy and actually lessens the laughs.
Ferrell has either been a home run or a swing and a miss in his movies. I
absolutely loved him in “Anchor Man” and there are a couple of scenes in that
movie that I will laugh at until the day I die. As for Wahlberg, he is one actor
who can make it work whether in comedies or serious dramas. There’s been very
little of his work that I haven’t enjoyed. I thought long and hard about
what rating to give this movie because it was so good at the beginning and
fairly lame at the end. Adding it all up, I gave it a run-scoring double – two and a half stars and
still recommend it for some good laugh out loud

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