Review - The Kids Are All Right

Review - The Kids Are All Right

Bening (L) and Moore (R) in “The Kids are All Right”

by David Schuster


OK, now that I have that out of the way lets take a look at a movie I saw the other day titled “The Kids Are All Right”. Saw it at the local artsy theater and as I’ve stated numerous times this used to be the kind of movie I would run and hide from. The operative words being , “used” to. I guess maturity (finally) kicking in has changed my tastes in cinema. I “used” to only go for the loud big studio flicks but how many of them are even good anymore? Few , if any,  is the correct answer and especially this year which has been dubbed by the New York Times as the worst year in cinematic history. It truly has been one piece of garbage after another. So going to see movies like “The Education” and “City Island” at the so called “artsy” theater has actually been the most pleasant experiences of the year.
With that in mind, “The Kids Are All Right”  is another low budget movie that greatly surpasses the big studio drek. Annette Bening and Julianne Moore are two lesbians who are raising two teenagers.

day the two kids decide to find out who their biological (sperm donor)
father is and off they go to meet him. Mark Ruffalo plays the
father, who acts like a kid himself at times. All three main actors
(Bening, Moore and Ruffalo) play their roles brilliantly, as conflict
comes into their lives. They try and get adjusted to the fact that
all of a sudden a man has entered their domain. A strange love triangle
blossoms and all the characters emotions start boiling over.
Though Bening and Moore’s characters are gay, the
movie appropriately portrays them as a married couple who just get fed up
with each other after a while. It reminded me of any club house in
baseball, where the players are around each other so much for eight months
that almost any little spark causes a brush fire. The lesbian
relationship is handled tastefully and tell me you don’t laugh out loud
during a scene where they are watching a porn movie. Yes, guys, there’s plenty of sex in this movie.
I can’t say I was satisfied with the ending (I
rarely am) but this movie held my attention and was
engaging…..something you haven’t been able to say going to Wrigley
Field this summer. My rating – a triple – three stars for “The Kids Are All Right”.

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