Review - Inception

Review - Inception

by David Schuster


DiCaprio in “Inception”

I know I’ll be in the vast minority with the following opinions but that’s the beauty of movies. Not everyone agrees.
If you didn’t like the trilogy of Matrix flicks then you probably won’t like “Inception” so that pretty much tells you where I’m going. The “Matrix” movies just didn’t do it for me and neither does this flick. When plots and concepts are so off the wall I tend to get bored and that’s exactly what happened with “Inception” as far as I’m concerned.
The movie is about some big time espionage as a band of thieves are hired to help one large corporation battle another. The way they do it is by infiltrating people’s minds through their dreams.
Sounds interesting and the trailers (like they sometimes do) sucked me in with the possibilities and of course the high tech effects. But there has to be some plausibility to a plot and as this movie unfolds it just gets more and more ridiculous. And did I say complex? Holy smoke Batman! You need a Calculus degree mixed with in a minor in Science Fiction to even have a prayer of understanding anything.
What happens is that people are put under by various methods and then the thieves start manipulating the situations in different dreams. Then there are dreams within the dreams and further yet, dreams within the dreams within yet more dreams. Good luck following all of this nonsense and at two and a half hours I was dreaming that this movie would just get to the finish line. It sort of reminded me of a never ending baseball game that just inches along.

Now I know that people will fawn over Leonardo DiCaprio and the rest of the cast but sorry I just didn’t get into this movie. After a while people were floating all over the place much as in the “Matrix” movies and that was the cherry on the sundae for me. I was told that this is the kind of movie that you might have to go see a couple of times to understand it better. No thanks, once was enough but it did remind me of Cub fans who keep going back to Wrigley to see something there that defies explanation too.
Just about every critic gave this movie four stars but I’m happy to go against the grain. I’m giving it – a single – just one star and hoping there’s no trilogy like there was in the “Matrix” series.


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  • I think that people with lower IQ's had trouble following the plot and became bored and angry. I attended the movie with a few of those types. Of course some people who had trouble with the plot took it as a challenge and tried to figure it out. Others just were bored and angry.

  • In reply to ecdouglas:

    EC....MY IQ is well above average but those who have such outward anger (such as you) often have an IQ in the very low range. As I stated, my opinions of the movie would be in the vast minority. And as for not following the plot. I found it to be ridiculous because it's impossible or maybe you live in such a drug induced world that you think it's plausible. Good luck in life Brainiac.

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