Review - Eclipse

Review - Eclipse

by Steven Leventhal

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Kristen Stewart as Bella in the “Twilight” series

So, if you had to get dragged to a chick flick this summer, I’ve finally got one for you. I went  to see “Eclipse” in full blown, super-sized iMax.  Holy Cow, those wolves look pretty ferocious at that size. 

Anyways, if you don’t know the story line, I’ll give it to you in a nutshell, so you don’t have to watch the first two installments of the “Twilight” saga.  You definitely don’t need to see part two, “New Moon,” unless you watch the last fifteen minutes.

OK, here it goes:

Twilight: Isabella “Bella” Swan leaves her mom, who is barnstorming around Florida with her step dad, a minor league ballplayer, to move back to her dad, who is a police chief in Forks, WA.  She meets and falls for Edward Cullen, who is a 100+ year old vampire but looks like a 17 year old high school student.

Edward is part of a family of vampire who drink animal blood instead
of human blood.  (Pretty funny, vegetarian vampires.) The Cullens “protect” the area from other vampire
groups who have been terrorizing the neighborhood.  There is a big
fight, one of the bad vampires is killed, and the surviving mate swears
vengeance on the Cullens

New Moon:  Edward leaves Forks thinking his presence is a danger to
Bella.  He leaves and she befriends Jacob Black, a native American, who
she later discovers can change into a werewolf.  The wolves and the
vampires have a truce and have carved out separate territories in the
area around Forks.  Jacob and his cohorts have to protect Bella from the
bad vampires.  Edward mistakenly thinks that Bella has been killed and
goes to Italy to see the Volturi.  The Volturi are all powerful
vampires.  Sort of like the NCAA, in charge and beholden to no one. 
Edward’s sister who can see the future takes Bella and brings her to
Italy to save Edward.  Bella is forced to agree to change into a vampire
to save Edward.

Eclipse:  Victoria, the bad vampire is building an army of young, angry,
zombie like vampires.  Bella is caught in the ultimate love triangle
between Edward and Jacob, whose families have to join forces to battle
the zombie vampires.

This movie has enough fights, special effects and dead zombies to keep
us guys happy. The Cullen women are pretty hot too. It also has enough
shirtless scenes of the Jacob and his brother wolves to keep the ladies
turned on.  Plus, they probably think the Cullen men are handsome as
well.  Oh, and there are a few well timed jokes for good measure.

So go check it out.  Keep the home fires burning, and lock your doors on
the next full.  My rating a nice solid triple – three stars.

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