Review - Cyrus

Review - Cyrus

by David Schuster


John C. Reilly and Jonah Hill

I saw the movie “Cyrus” the better part of a week ago but because I was so bogged down with the whole Lebron James free agency nonsense I hadn’t had a chance to write a review until now. The beauty of waiting is that the James saga actually gave me further perspective in writing this review.
The title character in “Cyrus” is played by Jonah Hill and is a 21 year old man living with his mother (Marissa Tomei). Tomei starts falling for a divorced man played by John C. Reilly and at first the three seem to get along. But it doesn’t take long to see that Cyrus is a manipulative brat who is faking his friendship for anybody who comes in contact with his “Mommy”.
After watching James farce of a special to announce that he is playing in Miami it struck me that he is much like Cyrus in that he too is manipulative and fake.

always had respect for James in how he comported himself but not after
his sad charade of the last two weeks. The real Lebron James was on
full display and towards the end of the movie Cyrus shows his true
colors, as well.
The critics have gone gaga over this movie
and I can’t say I share that enthusiasm. I definitely enjoyed it but
not like them. Tomei is an absolute treat to watch. She really is a
good actress and some how stopped aging years ago as she is as
beautiful now as when she was in “My Cousin Vinny”. It seems a little
far fetched that she and Reilly would make a love duo but after all
this is Hollywood where anything can happen.
Tomie gets four stars for her beauty and class but “Cyrus” only gets a ground rule double – two stars from me.

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