My Baseball and Television All-Stars

My Baseball and Television All-Stars

by Steven Leventhal

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All-everything Albert Pujols

Since the MLB All-Star game takes place tomorrow and the Emmy nominations were announced a few days ago, it gave me the idea to create my own All-Star team from the world of television. 

First, here’s my ballot for the baseball contest:

My AL Ballot:  1B Paul Konerko, 2B  Robinson Cano, SS  Elvis Andrus (edging out Jeter and Ben Zobrist)  3B   Evan Longoria, C  Victor Martinez, DH  Vlad Guerrero, Outfielders: Alex Rios, Vernon Wells, Josh Hamilton.

NL ballot:  1B Pujols, 2B Brandon Phillips, SS  Hanley Ramirez, 3B David Wright, C Brian McCann,  Outfielders:  Ryan Braun, Carlos Gonzalez, Jayson Werth
DH – Adrian Gonzalez

I didn’t name any pitchers since I don’t get a vote there.

….and now for my TV all-star team (drum roll please)…

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Keifer Southerland as Jack Bauer

3B –  Keifer Southerland – 24   they don’t call it the hot corner for nothing.  Always on the verge of averting a national disaster

1B  Juliana Margolies – the Good Wife  –  anchors the defense, good a picking up loose balls, making assists, and learns fast on the job

OF,   three guys who are really out there Jim Parsons – Big Bang Theory – how he learns all the physics jargon and repeats it without cracking up is beyond me. I’d love to watch a taping of this show.     Michael Emerson – LOST –  love him or hate him, you never knew when he was telling the truth about acting in the sest interests of the island, or lying to save his hide  Terry O’Quinn – LOST – playing his own character, and then playing the man In Black inhabiting his body.  Deserves an Emmy for his portrayal of John Locke.

C – Eric Stonestreet – Modern Family –  he’s quite the scene stealer as the “housewife” and parter of Ed O’Neil’s son Mitchell – plus he plays some kick ass drums.


Sofia Vergara – her accent is the real deal

SS – Eva Longoria – Desperate Housewives   mainly because she’s married to Tony Parker, and she has the same last name as Tampa’s Evan

2B – John Cho – Flash Forward  dependable, reliable, and tough as nails, even though his death was seen by several people in their flash forwards

DH – Sofia Vergara –  by far the hottest chick on TV

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