Review - Knight and Day

by David Schuster


Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in “Knight and Day”

Right before going to see “Knight and Day” I read an article that said Tom Cruise’s movie career was over. I was perplexed. Did he perish in an auto accident? Or, did he decide to go into the Church of Scientology full time? Neither. Rather the author of the article said that Cruise was washed up because his box office hits had completely dried up. The author was partially correct in that Cruise hasn’t had a bona fide hit since Mission Impossible 3 but to say he’s finished? I think that’s stretching the point. Baseball players are washed up when they hit their 40’s not actors.

It is true that Cruise has put out some lesser flicks over the last few years but he’s not that far removed from major hits. Unfortunately “Knight and Day” is not going to be one of them. It’s not horrendous but it’s far from great and it opened up in 3rd place in it’s opening week far behind Toy Story 3.
“Knight and Day” is about a secret agent (Cruise) who you are never really sure is a good guy, a bad guy or a (Carlos Zambrano) nutjob until the very end. Along the way he picks out Cameron Diaz as an unwilling participant in his capers. Diaz remains one of my favorites. She’s just so damn pretty and perky although in this movie she screams way too much. The plot is pretty stupid, and the action is beyond ridiculous, but it’s still enjoyable because of it’s star power. Sometimes that star power works and other times nothing can save a movie. Remember Ishtar with Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman? One of the all time stinkers.
Supposedly this movie had some of the Cary Grant great flicks in mind when it was being made. Unfortunately “Knight and Day” is nowhere near the level of “North By Northwest.” This movie was way too over the top and incredibly implausible.
Just like the Cubs need to go back to the drawing board for them to regain any chance of winning, Cruise needs to get some better scripts to regain his stature. “Knight and Day” was OK, but just ok and I gave it a ground rule double – two stars.

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