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Future Shock - the "Flash Forward" Finale

A quick trip to TiVo land this morning to watch the season, and presumably series ending for FF. In the magic world of television, especially when hatched from the same folks who brought you Disneyland and Toy Story – all things come true.  Our unsuspecting or perhaps expecting characters are seeing all their FF’s come... Read more »

At The End Of The Day..... a "24" blog

part one of twoBy TiVoGirl Keifer Sutherland bids farewell as Jack Bauer (for now) It’s been 8 years (or 9 if you count the lost year of the writer’s strike) since I have been following every episode and nuance that is 24 and the complex character that is Jack Bauer.  He is a man who... Read more »

More LOST reaction

And the comments keep pouring in…The Marquee Blog on CNN  “So – that was a real curveball, those last five minutes. A lot of it was very fitting, it definitely took us on an emotional journey, and there were so many moments that moved me, and really worked. But, those last five minutes will certainly... Read more »

Paradise Lost - a "LOST' blog

“This is the end, beautiful friend.This is the end, my only friend. The endOf our elaborate plans. The endOf everything that stands, the end.No safety or surprise, the end.I’ll never look into your eyes again.” To get some inspiration to write this wrap up, I decided to listen this epic song from The Doors debut... Read more »

Review - Robin Hood

By David Schuster Russell Crowe as Robin Hood In between morning skate and Friday night’s Hawks-Sharks game I went to see Robin Hood. Just like a movie I reviewed earlier this year, “The Wolf Man”, Robin Hood has had a multitude of actors portray the fictional character over the years. Errol Flynn was the first... Read more »

Flashes Before Your Eyes - a "Flash Forward" blog

Watching Flash Forward last night was kind of bittersweet.  It’s a lot like knowing a good friend is moving out of town in a week.  You promise to keep in touch, but know that you won’t.  I guess that’s how die-hard basketball fans felt in Seattle with the imminent departure of the Sonics. As we... Read more »

Introducing: Song of the Day

No TV to discuss.  I chose to TiVo the Modern Family finale, and instead watched a DVD of “An Education.”  David Schuster’s review is right on the money. You should read it.  It’s the only place where you’ll see the movie’s Carey Mulligan described as,  “a new comer to movies who bursts on the entertainment... Read more »

Review - An Education

By David SchusterIt took the promise of a very good movie to drag me away from Game 1 of the World Series. Yes I had heard that “The Education” was a finely crafted movie with great performances but little did I think that those adjectives would turn out to be understatements. This is what they... Read more »

"V" is for Evil

As much as I have ragged on this show all season, the finale last night actually kept my rapt attention and didn’t have any laugh out loud moments.  Granted it wasn’t as exciting as game two of Hawks-Sharks, but it did have climactic moments and tragic character deaths.  Ship’s doctor Joshua gave it up for... Read more »

Paradise Lost - a "LOST" blog

Unlike today’s sports teams that have computerized scouting reports and armies of assistants to break down opposing teams, I have but my three reporter’s notebook pages of notes to guide my analysis of last night’s “LOST.”  Well, occasionally, I sneak a peek at Doc Jensen’s column on for inspiration, as well as to know... Read more »
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