Time Magazine's Elbow Says A Lot

person-of-year-2017-time-magazine-cover1Time Magazine has made its choice for Person of The Year 2017, and it turns out to be Persons of the Year, not the first time its happened.

The magazine has a lists of unique recipients for it’s yearly distinction.

From the notoriously bad Stalin, Hitler and Khomeini to the piously good Ghandi, Pope Paul II and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

One year a non human was chosen, the Computer.

Another groundbreaking choice was the Whistle blowers, a group of brave, courageous women from the Enron investigations.

This year despite a list of notable favorites, one was even predicting himself to be the next winner of the coveted title.

Instead,the powers that be at Time Magazine, went where few would dare tread and again chose a group of women for the honor.

The Silence Breakers are women and some men who have chosen to step forward some after many years, to speak up and speak out about the abuses they have endured at the hands of grubby, grabby men in positions of power.

Their cover photo shows the women from all walks of life and circumstances looking into the camera.

The picture garnered a small firestorm when first revealed, in the right corner there is an elbow not a full shot, not a face, just an elbow.

What was Time thinking, who was the genius behind that cover?

Well genius it is when the magazine offered its reasoning behind the elbow.

The elbow was very intentional, it represents the people who have been sexually harassed, but has NOT come forward for whatever reasons.

On my Facebook post, I added YET.

A FB friend commented “future accusations”, I know how she feels, we all wonder who will be next to have their lives upturned and devastated, by a so far unseen, unnamed accuser?

By the same token the abused is probably going through their own living, breathing hell.

This is really a case of no winners.

While some applaud the ones who have come out, others are skeptical.

Maybe there will be a time, when we will no longer need an elbow.

A time when men and women will be treated with the dignity and respect we all deserve.

No matter our station in life.

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  • Great post, I hadn't even noticed the elbow.

  • A Facebook bud who is a graphic designer said she was thinking about asking Time what was going on when she saw the elbow.
    Glad they were prepared for the question.

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